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Urban Systems Lab & New School, NYC, 2022

These 8 images are part of 16 total illustrations commissioned by Urban Systems Lab & the New School, NYC for a book called Nature-Based Solutions for Cities, 2023. This is an academic book about nature based initiatives happening in cities all around the globe as a necessary push for climate change resilience, human well-being & ecosystem biodiversity. Check out the full book here

"Alyssa was great to work with, responsive, and adept at translating complex ideas and topics into beautiful illustrations. We very much appreciated her willingness to respond to feedback and make revisions that met the expectations of over 50+ authors." - Timon McPhearson (director) & the Urban Systems Lab Team.

Book Acknowledgement

"We are extremely grateful to Alyssa Dennis for providing the custom and inspiring art for every chapter, that included inputs from co-authors in every case and thus required her enormous patience as we co-created a vision for urban nature-based solutions art that can convey the complexities of how urban nature is seen, governed, stewarded, and cared for in the context of dynamic complex urban systems of all kinds across the world." - authors Timon, Nadja, & Niki

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