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image by: Alex Cohen

As a concept illustrator my focus is on realistic yet imaginative hand-rendered architectural and botanical drawing. My goal is to help provide you with a clean, articulate yet humanizing foundation for your project no matter how humble or grandiose. Whether it’s for a project proposal, editorial, marketing campaign or bringing a blueprint-schematics to life I can help you develop a look and feel that best communicates your ideas that will get your project funded and completed. Lets expand our thinking together! My clients have included the National Aquarium, The National Children's Museum, PwC and Wallpaper*, among others. Architectural illustration has been my career for the past 15 years and I love what I do. It has been a joy to be able to bring my studio art expertise into a collaborative realm. My attention to detail has been at least partially influenced by my 10yr stint meticulously restoring vintage turn-of-the-century posters.  

As an interdisciplinary artist and trained clinical herbalist who has also studied strawbale & adobe building, green roof installation, permaculture & Amazonian indigenous plant medicine my practice has always been about how modern forms of building and convenience keep us compartmentalized within a dangerously abstracted relationship with nature and our own bodies. I am concerned with how manufactured landscapes have shaped and influenced our internal and external ecosystems and how that has, for better or worse, shaped our symbiosis with non-human life and ultimately ourselves. My drawings of imaginal structures deconstruct how we engage with human-centric industrialized spaces and seek to inspire societal shifts toward green building, biophilic design, permaculture, and indigenous practices of land stewardship. The over lapping structures depict these relationships in intersecting or deviating lines between protection, dominion and symbiosis.

Beginning in 2002 I worked on and visited several straw bale buildings and other alternative construction projects which have become the roots and focus of the work I do today. I am passionately dedicated to endeavors that promote ecological literacy and work in environmental symbiosis with all living beings. 

I look forward to hearing about your project!  

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