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In 2022-2023 I worked very closely with the Urban Systems Lab & the editors  for 4 months creating 16 very unique, detailed illustrations that specifically aid in diving into the important substance of each chapter. A real pressure project!


Nature-based Solutions for Cities
Edited by Timon McPhearson, Nadja Kabisch and Niki Frantzeskaki | Edward Elgar Publishing


16 detailed full color illustrations by Alyssa Dennis


Nature-based Solutions for Cities brings diverse perspectives from across the globe together to describe the state of the art in advancing nature-based solutions for cities. Our goal is to provide a handbook for graduate students, early career professionals, and emerging and advanced scholars to begin working with NBS in ways that consider multiple perspectives, disciplines, and ways of knowing. Together, the chapters in this book aim at understanding how NBS can be better managed, planned, and engaged with, and to center questions of NBS for whom and for what? Through chapters led by experts in both global south and north contexts, we describe key knowledge and learning for advancing the interdisciplinary science of NBS in, for and with cities and discuss the frontiers for next-generation NBS. Our book is organized in five main parts framed by an Introduction and a Synthesis.

Nature Based Solutions for Cities

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