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Curriculum Vitae




High School      1999           Visual Arts           Carver Center for Arts and Technology, Baltimore, MD


BFA                  2003           GFA                  Maryland Institute College of Art (cum laude), Baltimore, MD


MFA                 2011           Painting             Tulane University, New Orleans


No Degree        2002           Study Abroad     Antioch College (Mali, West Africa)


Certificate         2006            Earth Building     Solar Energy International, CO


No Degree        2012           Herbal Medicine      Maryland Institute of Integrative Medicine, MD

No Degree        2015           Herbal Medicine       Mayantuyacu Center for Study of Medicinal Plants, Peru


Certificate         2019            Permaculture Design     Center of Bioregional Living, Brooklyn, NY 


Certificate         2017-2020    Herbal Medicine      Arbor Vitae School of Traditional Herbalism, NY, NY


Area(s) of Specialization: architectural illustration/design, mixed media on paper, sculpture, photography, installation 



2021.................Concept Design & Illustrator, New School, New York, NY

2020.................Illustrator, Lynn Peterson, Portland, OR

2018- 2019....... Illustrator, Illustration Web, London, England

2018..................Concept Design Illustrator, National Children's Museum, Washington, DC

2017-present…….Owner/ Founder, Eclipta Herbal. Baltimore, MD

2014-present…….Artist, Turning Art, Boston, MA

2018……………. Concept Design Illustrator, dn&co Design, London, England

2011-2017…….. Assistant & Collaborator, Swoon (Caledonia Curry) Studios. Brooklyn, NY

2016……………. Urban Edible Plant Mural, Modern Love Restaurant. Brooklyn, NY

2014……………..Concept Design Illustrator, Matter Creative Strategy. Baltimore, MD

2014……………. Concept Design Illustrator, *Wallpaper Magazine.  London, UK

2013……………. Concept Design Illustrator, National Aquarium. Baltimore, MD

2010-2011……...Adjunct Faculty, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA

2008..................Content Creator & Artistic Director, Go For Change, Baltimore, MD

2007-2009……...Wood Finisher/Restoration, Worcester Eisenbrandt, Inc. Baltimore, MD

2006-2007……...Laborer/Plaster Specialist, Furbish: Sustainable Building Co. Baltimore, MD

2002-2008………Restoration,  Poster Restoration Company, Baltimore. MD

2003-2005 ……..Founding Member, Current Gallery LLC &Artist Coop. Baltimore, MD

1999-2001………Paralegal Assistant, Law Offices of William McDaniel. Baltimore, MD


Solo Exhibitions

2024  Alyssa Dennis, Penn State University, HUB-Robeson Galleries, PA

2023  Alyssa Dennis, Quinn Evans, Baltimore, MD

2015  Make/Shift, White Walls, San Francisco, CA

2013  Raw Material, Parse Gallery, New Orleans, LA

2012  S(oil), Water and Plants. Metro Gallery, Baltimore, MD

2012  Nurture the Nature, Ellen Miller Gallery, Boston, MA

2011  Pulse Art Fair, Miami, Kesting/Ray Gallery, NY, NY

2011  Amalgamation, Kesting/Ray Gallery, NY, NY

2011  Tectonics, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA

2009  Urban Blight, Gallery Imperato, Baltimore, MD

2005  Alyssa Dennis, Greenbelt Gallery, Greenbelt, MD

2004  Drawing/ Painting, Galerie Francoise E.S.F. Towson, MD     



Group Exhibitions

2023 Arcadia Futura, Collect & Connect Gallery, Baltimore, MD

2023 Park School, Baltimore, MD

2019 Dirty Brunch, Swale House, New York, NY

2017 Interdisciplinarium, Arlington Arts Center. Arlington, VA

2017 Uncommon Place, Gallery 19. Chicago, Il

2016 Pulse NY Art Fair, Causey Contemporary, New York, NY

2016 Music Box Tampa Bay, New Orleans Airlift, Tampa, FL

2015 Line as Structure, Causey Contemporary, New York, NY

2015  Inspection, Drawing Room, Greenwich, CT

2015  Artscape, Metro Gallery, Baltimore, MD

2014 10 Squared, White Walls, San Francisco, CA

2014  Concerning Matter, Gowanus Ballroom, NY

2013  Good Place No Place, Stamp Gallery, University of MD, MD

2012  Fountain Art Fair, Kesting/Ray, NY, NY

2011  December Show, Kesting/Ray, NY, NY

2011  Pulse, Los Angeles, Kesting/Ray, NY, NY

2011  Prospect 2, Parse Gallery, New Orleans, LA

2011  Read & Company, Baltimore, MD

2011  Anniversary Show, DuMois Gallery, New Orleans, LA

2010  I’m An Important Giant, Antenna, New Orleans, LA

2010 New Orleans MT Project, Good Children, New Orleans, LA

2010 Out of Order, Maryland Art Place, Baltimore, MD

2010 Moulin Rouge, Creative Alliance, Baltimore, MD

2010 MFA Invitational, American University, Washington, DC

2009 Structures, University Gallery, University of Baltimore School of Law, MD

2008 Habitat, Rosenburg Gallery, Goucher Collage, Towson, MD

2008 IAGrant Awards Show, MSArts Council, Baltimore, MD

2008 Conecta, University MD College Park, MD

2008 Group Show, Gallery Imperato, Baltimore, MD

2008 Trikes, Velocipede Bike Project, Baltimore, MD

2008 Society of Mary, 2640 Space, Baltimore, MD

2007 New American Painting (no.69), Open Press Studio,NYC                                                   

2007 Lines, Gallery  Imperato , Baltimore, MD                                                                                          2007 Good View Gallery, Baltimore, MD                                                                              

2006 Painting, Galerie Francoise, Towson, MD

2006 2 Much, Current Gallery Baltimore, MD

2005 While Working, 405 Paca, Baltimore, MD 

2005 Window Project, 405 Gallery Baltimore, MD                                                                                   2005 Refresh, Galerie Francoise E.S.F. Towson, MD                                                                              

2004 MAEF Alumni Show, Walters Art Museum Baltimore, MD

2004 Drawing Show, Ashley Gallery, Philadelphia, PA                

2004 Artscape, Villa Julie College, Towson, MD

2004 Journey, Chela Gallery Baltimore, MD

2004 Works on Paper, South Shore Art Center Cohasset, MA

2003 Drawing Show, Tokyo, Japan  

2003 Covert, Whole Gallery Baltimore, MD


Grants and Awards

2023 Baltimore BASE Grant

2022  Oak Spring Foundation Residency Grant

2020  Oak Spring Foundation Residency Grant

2020  Brooklyn Arts Council Grant

2018  James Stills Memorial Grant

2013  Maryland State Arts Council Individual Art Grant

2011  ImPulse, Miami Finalist (one of three)

2011  Joan Mitchell Foundation  Nominee

2010 Tulane University                       Tulane Summer Fellowship         

2008 Maryland State Arts Council        Individual Artist Fellowship                 

2006 Maryland State Arts Council        Individual Artist Grant Award               

2004  Maryland State Arts Council       Individual Artist Grant Award                   

2004 Maryland Artist Equity Foundation, Grand Prize                            

2003 Cohasset Massachusetts Works on Paper, First Place                        

2002 Francis B. Harvey Scholarship

2002 The Concordia Scholarship Award

1999 Arts Recognition and Talent Search (ARTS)

1999 Presidential Scholarship



BmoreArt, Nov. 2022

House Beautiful, Oct/Nov., 2021

Seek Magazine, 2019

Art Hub Magazine, 2018

Drawing Magazine, January, 2014

Lab Magazine, Oct, 2013

Bmore Art, 2012

Art is About, Pulse Miami. December 2011

Architect Magazine, Future Project. January 2011

New Orleans Gambit, Art Review. September 2010

Urbanite Magazine. Urbanite Project. March 2010

Style Magazine. May/June 2009

Urbanite Magazine. Urbanite Project. March 2009 

Urbanite Magazine. Eye to Eye. January 2009

Baltimore Examiner. Good Day! For Breaking News About Local Events. July 16th, 2008

New American Painting, Open Studio Press. No. 69. May 2007

Baltimore City Paper. While Working. March 2nd, 2005

Baltimore City Paper, Art. Eye Opener. December 22, 2004

Baltimore Sun Paper, Baltimore City. Villa Julie to Exhibit Works off-site of Artscape Artists.July 13th, 2004

Baltimore Sun Paper, Art column. Season of Abstraction Takes Shape. September 23rd, 2003


Artist Residencies

2023 Oak Spring Foundation, Upperville, VA

2022 Oak Spring Foundation, Upperville, VA

2020 Oak Spring Foundation, Upperville, VA

2016 Music Box: Tampa Bay, Tampa , FL

2013 Lowbot Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2011 Parse Gallery, New Orleans, LA

2008 Conecta, University of Maryland Collage Park, MD

2008 Oxbow, Art Institute of Chicago, MI




Fidelity Investments Collection

Microsoft Art Collection

Moises De La Renta Collection

Micheal Phelps Collection

Jonathan Doan Collection

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