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I did 19 different black & white illustrations for a book, Roadways for People: Rethinking Transportation Planning & Engineering, published by Island Press & commissioned by the authors Lynn Peterson, former Washington Secretary of Transportation & climate change writer Elizabeth Doer. 


Roadways for People gives an honest depiction of how our industry historically has negatively impacted communities of color—by design, process & all too often by intent. But most importantly, it lifts up the examples of communities & transportation professionals doing amazing work together—to restore & repair past harms while also creating thriving places that provide better outcomes for all.” -Beverly Scott, community builder & CEO, Beverly Scott Associates, LLC


"Alyssa was not only incredibly easy to work with & always open to any thoughts & edits, her illustrations were perfect for what we wanted to capture in the book. We were trying to strike a balance between highly architectural renderings & drawings that give a sense of people & place & she did an incredible job finding that middle ground. She was especially adept at translating our sometimes confusing directions & ideas into beautiful work." -Elizabeth Doer

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