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This piece was done for PricewaterhouseCoopers main Manhattan offices. This piece was commissioned to celebrate and spark a dialogue about the firm’s responsibility to the community, and many volunteer engagements. Connecting with my own commitment to social justice and community health through my passion for art and ecology, I incorporated specific tenets of PwC’s Corporate Responsibility initiatives into the composition:


The piece began with a free community workshop I hosted at Imani Garden in Brooklyn, where the fabric/canvas for the piece was dyed with natural pigments extracted from urban plants. Each plant depicted in the work and used as dye was selected for its health and healing attributes present in the ways that PwC’s employees give back to their community.


To represent PwC’s commitment to Veterans, I depicted the anti-inflammatory plants Yarrow and Plantain. Yarrow with its antiseptic properties and the ability to stanch bleeding, it was even used in WW I and II to heal wounds. Plantain for its additional soothing  properties that improves connective tissue inside and out.


To signify the framework of education, particularly PwC's commitment to financial literacy, Dennis depicts adults working with the community's children.


To symbolize the care PwC has for the community, I included Hawthorn berries, which are used for heart opening, strengthening and regulating properties which is good for those that suffer from heart disease; an epidemic that is now the #1 cause of death in the U.S.



The colors I used for this piece reflect the PwC branding colors.


Red-  passion for what you do or acting with integrity

Pink-   the love and care put into the community

Yellow/oranges-   working together

Dark red-   reimagining the impossible

Other browns and warm tones- Making a difference

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