Common Knowledge

This illustration was done for Common Knowledge which is an environmental advocacy project started in 2016. It was inspired by an innate desire to find ways to connect with the ecology of the urban environment, specifically, our plant kin. CK believes that our collective disconnect from what thrives along our footpath is at the root of cultural and environmental degradation. Plant growth of any kind, whether it is in a sidewalk crack or a dense forest, has much to teach us about our place in the world. Our main goal has been to bring what people have known about these plants and their stories back into the realm of common knowledge. This project isn’t just about learning what these plants look like and what you can use them for....that’s just the beginning. It’s part of a larger ambition of contributing a platform where we give reverence and environmental prominence to our local plant allies. Ultimately, the project seeks to contribute to our physical, mental and spiritual health by creating avenues of care and meaning to build a lasting symbiotic relationship with fellow sentient beings. Find out more here.

© 2018 by Alyssa Dennis.